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Troika Consult

Troika focuses on niche technology projects, working with leading providers to implement high technology solutions for enterprise customers.  

Our Services

Our Services


We work with niche solution providers to protect systems and networks, whilst greatly reducing the risk of costly cyber-attacks, focusing on "fit for purpose" solutions that proactively help enterprises construct stronger cyber defence. Our offerings are vendor neutral and we look to enhance and optimise the existing security solutions implemented by our client.

Enterprise IT Infrastructure & Applications

We help in identifying and implementing the appropriate IT resources in hardware, applications, software and networks that meet the requirements for the effective management of an enterprise. We work with partners who have extensive experience in off-the-shelf as well as, customised, enterprise applications.

Managed Services and Consulting

We address the needs of enterprises to effectively monitor and manage large and complex infrastructure. Managed services for both ICT operations and cyber security are offered through consultations, implementation and management of technology, process and procedure implementation in accordance with international standards. We also provide "boots on the ground" to enable an effective and measurable ICT operation and cyber security programme in an organisation.

Our Partners

Our Partners


Deep Secure

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